Cotton Canvas

A product is know by his name, Cotton canvas is the only product which is eco-friendly, environment friendly, decompose-able, made from nature and goes back to nature without harming during it’s life cycle. This is like made from a plant but very different from paper, as paper is made from full fledged tree. but cotton grows on a plant like a fruit, which means this is made without harming the environment.

What we do:-

We are making various qualities of cotton fabric like Muslin, voile, cambric, Duck, Army Duck, Ribstop, Drill, Twill, Canvas, Heavy duty canvas. We have ability to make all kind of fabric from as small as width of 36″ (91cms) to 144″ (365cms). Our sole aim is delivery top notch quality to our customer. We are offering customize packing from any fixed size roll to big size rolls and also offer bale packing.

We also offer Dyeing Services, printing service(Digital/screen/rotary printing), waxing service along with fabric. 

Cotton Canvas Fabric