GOTS certified organic cotton fabric. Certified fabric comes with Transaction Certificate with every invoice issued by GOTS authorized agency. Organic fabric is far better than traditional cotton as it's not only naturally grown but also leave zero effect on entire environment from soil to everything else.

We are making various quality of organic cotton fabric from 2 ounce to 24 ounce quality in various weaves like plain, oxford, duck, drill, twill, matti.

Muslin fabric

We are making various qualities of muslin fabric from organic cotton. All our organic cotton products are certified as per GOTS standard and comes with a certificate of GOTS. 

Mesh Fabric

We are making various GSM quality of Mesh fabric. All our mesh fabric are made from certified Organic cotton as per GOTS Standard. Mesh fabric are used for making grocery bags. this fabric is widely used because of it’s mesh look and transparency it offers in comparison to other fabric.

Voile Fabric

Voile is soft and sheer fabric. which is widely used for various purposes. Our voile fabric is made from 100% organic cotton and comes in various GSM.

Heavy Canvas

We can supply various qualities of heavy canvas which is made from certified 100% organic cotton as per GOTS standard. We are making from 4 ounce to 24 ounce quality in heavy weight canvas, which are widely used making bags, shoes lining, aprons, cushion covers, shades, and many other purposes.

Regular running qualities:

  1. Sheeting fabric
  2. 8 ounce/ 10 ounce duck fabric
  3. 11 to 24 ounce canvas

Drill / Twill Fabric

We are making various qualities of drill and twill fabric in different GSM qualities all from 100% organic cotton fabric, all our organic cotton fabric comes with a certificate from GOTS. Drill fabric is a diagonal line pattern fabric. Drill Fabric is widely used for various purposes like making garments, bag linings, and many other purposes. We can make in various widths from 48 inches (120 cms) to 120 inches (304 cms) as per requirement of clients.

Regular running Twill GSM

  • 105 GSM
  • 115 GSM
  • 135 GSM
  • 150 GSM
  • 160 GSM
Regular running Drill GSM
  •  150 GSM
  • 185 GSM
  • 210 GSM
  • 220 GSM
  • 250 GSM
  • 285 GSM
  • 290 GSM
  • 400 GSM

Poplin Fabric

Sheeting Fabric

Duck Fabric

Swaddle Fabric

Double Fabric

Yarn Dyed fabric

Crinkled fabric